Return Policy

In order to help customers feel secure in choosing the right product for themselves and serving customers thoughtfully, Nea Designs informs customers of the following detailed RETURN POLICY:

  1. Time 

Products purchased online on Nea Designs website: Within 20 days from the date of purchase.

Purchase date: is the date indicated on the purchase invoice.

Applicable product type: full price product

  1. Product conditions meet the requirements for return


  •  Product has not been used, still has tags, purchase receipt
  • The product meets the conditions of the product exchange period
  • The product has been used but has a manufacturing defect.
  • Products are not dirty, dirty, damaged by external agents after purchasing the product.
  • Goods are traceable purchased at the sales channel of Nea Designs.

2.2 Products DO NOT accept RETURN:

  • Product used.
  • The product has a chemical smell.
  • Product has expired.
  • Products no longer have labels, friction with hard objects to scratch and damage.
  • No purchase receipt.

2.3 Exchange value

The renewed product will be of equal or greater value than the previously purchased product.

In case the new product has a higher value, the customer must pay an additional amount.

In case of buying incentives and still being able to exchange goods according to the program's regulations, the exchanged products will also receive the same incentives as the original purchased products if they are in the program period. If the exchange has expired, the price difference between the two products will be calculated at the full price.


Step 1: Contact email to register for exchange.

Step 2: Send the goods to the address 10 Orts Rd, Reading RG1 3JN, UK.

Step 3: Nea Designs sends to exchange new products when receiving goods. In case of out of stock, Nea Designs will contact you to confirm.

If you have any questions about the exchange policy when buying online, please contact email: