Privacy Policy

  1. Collection and Use The Information 

Nea Designs only collects basic types of information related to orders.

This information is used for order processing, service quality improvement, market research, marketing activities, customer care, internal management or as required by law. Customers can, from time to time, correct the provided information to ensure full enjoyment of the rights that Nea Designs gives to its Customers.

Nea Designs commits to:

  • Customer's personal information is used strictly for the purpose of collection and provision;
  • All collection and use of collected information of the Customer is through the opinion of the Customer
  • Only use the information provided by the Customer to Nea Designs, do not use the information of the Customer known by other methods.
  • Only the following subjects are allowed to access Customer's information:
  • Person who takes care of Customers who have used Nea Designs's goods and services
  • The person who receives and handles Customer's inquiries during the use of Nea Designs's goods and services;
  • Competent state agency

 During the process of offering, advertising and taking care of Customers, Customers can completely request to stop using information in the corresponding way that sales, advertising and customer care activities send to Customers. row.

  1. Information security method

The security of the information provided by the Customer is based on the compliance assurance of each Nea Designs officer, employee, partner and data storage system. In the event that the information server is attacked by a hacker leading to the loss of Customer's personal data, Nea Designs will be responsible for notifying the incident to the investigating authorities for timely handling and notifying the Customer. Are known. However, due to the characteristics of the internet environment, no data on the network can be 100% secure. Therefore, Nea Designs does not guarantee that the information received from the Customer is absolutely confidential.

  1. Security Customer's information 

Customers please only provide correct and sufficient information as required by Nea Designs, especially avoid providing information related to bank accounts when information has not been encrypted in online payment transactions or other sensitive information. The customer is fully responsible for the truthfulness and accuracy of the information provided and is solely responsible for providing unsolicited information.

In case the Customer provides its personal information to many different organizations and individuals, the Customer must request the related parties to keep the same confidentiality. When all personal information of the Customer is disclosed, causing damage to the Customer, the Customer must determine the source of the information disclosure. Nea Designs is not responsible when Customer information is disclosed without a valid basis to show that Nea Designs is the party disclosing the information.

Customers maintain their own login accounts on Nea Designs's e-commerce sites and applications

Nea Designs is not responsible for the disclosure of Customer's information if the Customer does not comply with the above requirements.

  1. Laws applicable when a dispute occurs

Any dispute that occurs between the Customer and Nea Designs will be reconciled. If the conciliation fails, it will be resolved at a competent court and in accordance with Vietnamese law.